Lynetta Campbell

LYNETTA CAMPBELL has a passion for finding the stories that are hidden in the numbers and for sharing this love of what statistics reveals with students at all levels. She holds an M.S. in statistics, an M.S. in Mathematics, an M.S. in Management Science, and a B.S. in Chemical Engineering.

Lynetta worked twelve years in the Chemical Process Industry, during which time she participated in the design, construction, and start-up of projects in polystyrenics. However, it was her work in the implementation of statistical quality control programs that lead her to focus on data collection and analysis.

In the course of earning her masters degree in statistics, Lynetta gained extensive knowledge in programming with R. She greatly enjoys working with conventional data analysis tests as well as customized simulations using this language.

Lynetta has assisted graduate students with their data analysis in fields as diverse as engineering, education, and public health. She can assist clients with their initial exploratory data analysis, usually with a graphical approach to viewing the data. She makes sure each client understands the basics, such as how to properly state the null and alternative hypotheses, and how to test for equivalence using procedures such as independent sample or paired sample t-tests. She routinely helps clients in the selection of the proper regression methods to employ, helping them to understand generalized linear models, logistic regression, and logit and loglinear models. Her ultimate goal is always that the client gain full understanding of what his or her data has to say. In this manner, she has worked with clients whose data was highly qualitative, such as survey data, and she has assisted students with highly quantitative data involving modeling and forecasting. In addition to working with R, she is highly proficient with SPSS, and JMP, statistical software and programming languages.

Scope: statistical quality control, generalized linear models, logistic regression, exploratory data analysis, engineering data analysis, logit models, loglinear models, linear modeling, quantitative modeling, quantitative forecasting, linear models with r, hierarchical modeling, hierarchical linear models, graphical data presentations, logistic modeling, regression methods, education data analysis, nonlinear modeling, linear model with r, linear model regression, extending linear models with r, statistics modeling, modeling regression, dynamic linear models with r, linear model statistics, heirarchical linear model, how to test equivalence, qualitative survey data, linear model analysis, linear model in r, linear model in statistics, linear models with r solutions, r linear model, linear model prediction, College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA)-certified tutor, linear model math

Professional Experience

Independent Data Analysis Consulting
Performed data analysis for clients in a wide range of disciplines including educational, industrial, and biostatistical applications. I am seeking to continue in this line of work. I am experienced with many commonly used math and statistics software packages and programming languages such as all Microsoft products, SPSS, R, JMP, and Matlab.

Adjunct Math Instructor
Taught math classes ranging from developmental prealgebra through Calculus. I currently teach only college level courses. I also have extensive tutoring experience (CLA certified), both in the college learning center and with private clients. I tutor in both math and statistics.

1995 – 1999
Substitute Teacher

1990 – 1991
Research Assistant

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
Worked in the chemical engineering catalysis lab researching the use of high surface area aerogels as catalytic support materials.

1980 – 1991
Process Engineer

ARCO Chemical Co., Monaca, PA
Responsibilities included design and start-up of new facilities, instrument control configuration of new operating units, provision of engineering support to operations at an expandable polystyrene production facility, and implementation of a statistical quality control system.


M.S. Statistics (in process)

M.S. Mathematics, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX

M.S. Management Science, Robert Morris University, Coraopolis, PA

B.S. Chemical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA


"Thank you again SOOO Much for all your help! You are an AMAZING tutor and I'm jealous of the students who get to be in your class. I really appreciate you always being so flexible with my crazy work schedule. I will be starting nurse anesthesia school the middle of January." - Carrie Setton

"The network quickly sent us names of three qualified statistical consultants. We chose Ms. Lynetta Camppbell and were very satisfied with her work." - Tim Robertson

"Very polite, easygoing, and professionally competent consultant." - Graduate student, Brazil (contact information on request)

"Guess what???!!!! I got an A in Biostatistics!!! HAHA! Can you believe it??!!! AN A!!! Course, I didn't learn anything in that class except for what YOU taught me...but I got an A none-the-less! I wanted you to know!"
- Sharon (On file with network coordinator)